[TV] Hannibal – The Wrath Of The Lamb (S313)

Just what was it that motivated the character of Hannibal Lecter throughout this series? Even after this series finale, it’s hard to think of a definitive answer though two answers rise above their peers. Perhaps he was just a force of nature, spreading misery and agony wherever he went; in this interpretation of the series, … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – The Wrath Of The Lamb (S313)

[TV] Hannibal – The Number Of The Beast Is 666… (S3E12)

Jack Crawford’s line, “God, Satan and the Great Red Dragon” is the essential summary of this final half of Hannibal; Jack is even kind enough to spell it out for us. In this twisted version of events, Jack is God, Hannibal is Satan and the Dragon is exactly that. As far as episodes of Hannibal … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – The Number Of The Beast Is 666… (S3E12)

[TV] Hannibal – …And The Beast From The Sea (S3E11)

It has long been said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat and looking at the current state of affairs in Hannibal it is baffling how little the characters have learned from their previous dealings with the character of Hannibal Lecter. With two episodes to go until the series’ conclusion, … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – …And The Beast From The Sea (S3E11)

[TV] Hannibal – And The Woman Clothed In Sun (S3E10)

AS we head into the tail end of the final season of Hannibal, the episodes’ focus is beginning to shift with increasing frequency. This week’s episode, the confusingly named ‘And The Woman Clothed With The Sun…’ (it shares its name almost entirely with the previous episode), shifts its focus away from our main cast of … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – And The Woman Clothed In Sun (S3E10)

[TV] Hannibal – And The Woman Clothed With The Sun (S3E9)

‘…And The Woman Clothed In The Sun’ completes the two-part introduction to Hannibal’s final arc, the tale of the fearsome Tooth Fairy, Francis Dolarhyde. As far as Hannibal episodes go, this one was a little unfocused but filled with excellent moments from the mildly amusing, to the worrisome, to the exhilarating. Will’s mental image of … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – And The Woman Clothed With The Sun (S3E9)

[TV] Hannibal – The Great Red Dragon (S3E8)

If you’ve never read Tom Harris’ Red Dragon, you might be a little confused as to just why Hannibal is moving its focus away from its relentlessly fascinating antagonist in favour of a man who seems no different from your typical run-of-the-mill psychopath. Without giving too much away, the answer lies in the fact that … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – The Great Red Dragon (S3E8)

[TV] Hannibal – Digestivo (S3E7)

After the visceral violence of ‘Dolce’ last week, everyone’s fate was in the air. Will and Hannibal had been delivered like pigs fed for the slaughter to the doorstep of the twisted Mason Verger, where all the various plotlines of the season were to finally churn together. This third season of Hannibal has been slow … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Digestivo (S3E7)

[TV] Hannibal – Dolce (S3E6)

If there was still any question about whether or not being William Graham is the definition of suffering, this episode should provide all the answer anyone needs. The poor man has, since his introduction, been repeatedly drugged, diseased, force-fed human meat, been incarcerated, stabbed, sliced open, mentally destroyed, shoved off the train, shot, and as … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Dolce (S3E6)

[TV] Hannibal – Contorno (S3E5)

The time for passive plotting has passed in the fifth episode of the season, ‘Contorno’. Various factions make their moves but predictably, the end result is nothing but chaos. In Florence, Rinaldo Pazzi continues to hunger for a chance to redeem himself and salvage his family’s storied name but his desperation proves to be his … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Contorno (S3E5)

[TV] Hannibal – Apertivo (S3E4)

It’s time for yet another flashback on Hannibal as we return once again to the immediate aftermath of Hannibal’s rampage. If there was any good to come of the events of that night it would be that it incentivised the survivors of Hannibal’s various attacks to come forward and meet. Of course, not everyone is … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Apertivo (S3E4)