[TV] Hannibal – Season 1 End Notes

End of Season Notes: So, at the end of every season of a show, I like to just do a quick concluding post, just to sort of give a very brief outline of what I liked and what I didn’t like about that season or the show as a whole. Now, if you’ve read my … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Season 1 End Notes

[TV] Hannibal – Savoureux (S1E13)

Quick Recap: Will hunts in the forest, searching for a stag. He gets a shot at it, but when he reaches it, a human figurine with antlers stares back at him and he wakes. He wakes up and finds blood all over himself and vomits up an ear. He sits outside, desolate, as Hannibal arrives. … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Savoureux (S1E13)

[TV] Hannibal – Rôti (S1E11)

Quick Recap: Dr. Chilton is facing accusations of psychic driving from his patient Abel Gideon, who claims that it was Chilton was convinced him that he was the Chesapeake Ripper. In his home, Will has a nightmare in which he’s drowning. Gideon provokes his guards and escapes. Will and Jack are called to the crime … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Rôti (S1E11)

[TV] Hannibal – Buffet Froid (S1E10)

Quick Recap: A woman is killed in her own home by a person hiding under her bed. Will talks to Hannibal, discussing his deteriorating stability and Abigail’s murder of Nicholas Boyle. Hannibal asks Will to draw a clock showing the current time – Will draws the clock and it seems normal from his perspective, but … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Buffet Froid (S1E10)

[TV] Hannibal – Trou Normand (S1E9)

Quick Recap: The episode opens with Will and Jack inspecting a gruesome crime scene: a totem pole of corpses with a fresh one mounted on the top. Will begins processing the scene and makes some headway but the scene changes suddenly and he is standing outside Hannibal’s office. Will is upset that he has lost … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Trou Normand (S1E9)

[TV] Hannibal – Fromage (S1E8)

Quick Recap: Tobias giving violin lessons to a teenager who complains that the strings are strange. The student asks if the strings are really catgut and Tobias says not always and we see that his strings are made from human ‘gut’.  Will and Alana walk around searching for a wounded animal that Will heard at … Continue reading [TV] Hannibal – Fromage (S1E8)