Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website even about?

I started this blog way back in 2014 because I wanted a place to go where I could talk about all the stuff that I’m interested in. You’d be shocked by small the overlap between fantasy, hiphop, anime, etc there is in the cruel, real world. Sure, there were places where I could go to discuss all those things individually, but I wanted a place I could call my own. A place where I could post my often ill-informed opinions on all these works of fiction that I love, a place where I could talk about Game of Thrones one  day and Death Parade  the next and it wouldn’t be weird.  Or, well, it would be weird, but I wouldn’t care because it’s my site and I can be as weird as I want. When I first began posting in 2014, the idea was to post short pieces, daily. Quick 500-800 words reads on the various music albums, TV shows and movies released during the week; bite-sized little nuggets of opinion that wouldn’t tax our generation’s limited attention span too much.

The truth is, the motivation for this web-site changed somewhere along the way. When I first started out, it was with the intent of analyzing the creative works of other, presumably better minds and seeing what made the things I loved work, with the intention of one day putting a little something of my own together. Also, I really just enjoy the process of penning my thoughts – I feel it reduces the clutter in my own head and allows me to organize my head a lot better without feeling like I’ve lost ideas and thoughts. As I started doing more and more, I began to realize that I loved the process to taking something apart and peeking inside to see how it worked and doing that with art – whether music, television, literature – was even better. I still have plans to write something of my own, but till then, welcome to Re-Reads And Reviews; I hope you enjoy your stay.

I have so many more questions!

I bet you do! To keep this page somewhat organized, I’ve lumped the questions up into the following subsections:

What is your spoiler policy? Am I allowed to sue you if I am unfairly spoiled?

Starting from the 15th of February, every post will open with a spoiler policy disclaimer. This spoiler policy will include the scope of the spoilers but I can’t guarantee that further spoilers will not be included in the comments section. Most chapter by chapter re-reads will be full of spoilers but I try to keep reviews as spoiler free as I can. Sometimes, I might want to dive a little deeper but I will modify the spoiler disclaimer accordingly. The episode by episode discussions are generally spoiler free for future episodes, but everything that’s happened until that point in the series is fair game. Please no litigation 😦

What are you re-reading right now?

I’m a big fantasy nerd and one of the projects I wanted to start out with was re-reading George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire. It’s an incredibly dense work, with enough mystery and intrigue in it that going back into it has been a lot of fun and there is always a lot to talk about. Of course, in the future, I’ll be happy to return to other books but for now, given that I’m only on book 3 out of 5 (7, assuming we ever get them), I don’t see myself engaging on a new project on this front any time soon. On my future hit list, should I ever get more time, is Patrick Rothfuss’ amazing Kingkiller Chronicles. Assuming I’m still alive after all of that, we shall see. In the meanwhile though, I’m still reading new books, watching new shows; there’ll always be new content.

Check out the Re-Reads sections (A Game of Thrones, A Clash of KingsA Storm of Swords) for more details

What are you watching on TV right now?

Truth be told, not a whole lot. This is a scheduling issue more than anything, on my part. I’ve caught up with the Game of Thrones HBO series, and I’ve completed Hannibal, another amazing series. I’ve completed two seasons of House of Cards but I’ve currently got my plate full and might just hold off on seasons three and four of House of Cards until I clear up my backlog of other content.

The short answer: I’m excited for Game of Thrones Season 6 and Veep in the next couple of months.

What kind of movies do you watch?

Well, I pretty much watch anything, except horror. Not a lot of people know this (so please keep it on the down low), but I’m incredibly squeamish. I try to watch movies that I know I’ll like, which, at first at least, might seem to defeat the purpose of reviewing them but I’m not really reviewing them to tell my readers whether or not to watch these movies – there are betters sites and newspapers out there where educated professionals can guide you better. Instead, when I watch these movies, I try to pick apart what works and what doesn’t, but also why those things work and don’t – sure, we can all agree something was awesome, but why? What part of our psyche are those movies really hitting to trigger those responses. Still, I feel like every review needs a rating system, so I give my reviews a rating too.

These days, I hate to say it, but I find myself drawn more to lighter movies that shy away from the true darkness of the human condition. I only get so much free time and I often find myself turning to movies more for entertainment than insight. One of my 2016 resolutions is to watch better movies, but you know what they say about New Year Resolutions…

What kind of music do you listen to?

For the longest time, I was a hip-hop fan. Still am I guess, to some extent, but as I get older and older, I found myself mellowing out and turning more towards other genres. I listen to a good amount of post-rock (Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Rós, Mogwai), but also a lot of other stuff that I can’t really pinpoint the genre of (Burial, Tame Impala, Tycho, MONO). When it comes to reviewing albums though, I’ve been guilty in the past of always circling back to hiphop because its the genre I know the best and when it comes to actually writing about music, I feel that it’s harder to write about music that you don’t know (even if you love it) than it is to write about a genre you’re very familiar with. I’m trying to push myself to write and learn more about other genres, enough to at least put forth a coherent piece on why I like a particular album, for example. Recommendations are always welcome.

What kind of anime do you watch?

My experience with anime is extremely limited. Every show I’ve watched, I have either reviewed or covered episode by episode on this very website. As such, my analysis will probably be a fair bit shallower than most other YouTubers and reviewers out there but I figure that there is probably some value in seeing a newbie’s interpretation of the genre and the medium. In addition, there is a fair bit of overlap between storytelling through an animated medium and storytelling in general so what I lack in anime specific knowledge, I try to make up for in other dimensions. Again, recommendations are always welcome.

What kind of books do you read?

Pretty much anything. Recently, I’ve been pushing myself to read more classic literature because I figured there’s a reason that stuff is still so highly regarded even after so much time and thus far, I haven’t been disappointed. I try to mix it up between fiction and non-fiction. Essentially, I will post a review of whatever I’ve read most recently, regardless of genre. Sometimes you’ll see fantasy, sometimes it’ll be sci-fi, other times it’ll be non-fiction, business world stuff. It really depends, but I try to read as widely as my time commitments allow.

How often do you post?

Normally, I aim for around three to four posts a week. Four is an exceptionally productive week, truth be told. Between work, studies and my social life, I have to really push myself hard to churn out 6000-7000 words a week, across four different topics. I enjoy the process but it seems that two to three posts a week is going to be the sustainable norm going forward. The current schedule is that I’ll do one or two chapter posts in a week, along with a movie/music/book review and an anime episode post on the weekend. In a busier weeks, it’ll be one chapter post during the week and one anime episode post on the weekend. In the busiest weeks, you can hear the crickets chirp.

Why hasn’t there been a post in so long?!

Sometimes, I need a break but I don’t realize I need a break until I open up my laptop and realize my mind is totally empty and that no matter how long I sit at my desk, I’m unable to make good word sounds. At that point, I take a break from posting for a week or so, just so my mind can re-energize. By switching to fewer posts per week, I hope to also require fewer breaks, but if you don’t see a post for a while, rest assured it’s not because I’ve lost interest but rather because real life is being a bitch and I need to tend to it.

What is your process?

It depends, really. For the chapter by chapter re-reads or the episode by episode discussions, I will usually read/watch the chapter/episode in question twice (occasionally more, if it’s very dense or confusing), jotting my thoughts and potential talking points along the way. Then I try to link the talking points together in a way that doesn’t seem too unnatural though sometimes there will points that I want to bring up that don’t fit in with the rest of the stuff I want to talk about. Then comes the typing and actually putting saying what I want to say and then, last of all, there is editing, by which point I’m pretty tired, so I tend to skip it. The whole thing can take anywhere between an hour to three hours depending on my mood, energy levels and the length of the piece.

Who are you?

I AM VENGEANCE, I AM THE NIGHT, I AM BATMAN nobody, really. I’m pretty shy about names and locations on the Internet, but I can give a little bit of background information about myself. I’m in my mid-20s, living in Singapore (that’s in Asia, in case you’re wondering), graduated from college not too long ago. I majored in engineering, currently work in finance but as you can probably tell from the amount of energy I put into this blog, I’m pretty much a nerdy kid at heart who really just likes to write.

I have something to say. Or I have a show/book/album/anime to recommend. Maybe both. Where do I go?

How about here? This handy feedback form, ought to do it.

Do you even read comments? Or should I not even bother?

I do! I read every single comment! It’s just that sometimes I’ll be too busy working on, you know, a new post to actually spend time answering comments on older posts. I get an email whenever a comment is left and I always open those emails right away. Also, remember that even if I don’t reply, there are plenty of other readers who might find your comment really useful. Basically, please comment – or if that’s too much work, a like or a rating will go a long way to showing your appreciation too.

Should I share posts I see on Facebook or Twitter or Reddit or 4Chan or *board of choice*?

Um, yes? Please, do. More people the merrier, in fact. I’ve never been the biggest fan of pushing my own work down others’ throats and as a result, I’ve been very cautious of posting my own content on sites but now that I’m actually trying to sustain the site on its own income, I feel like I have to be a little more aggressive in posting content. That said, if someone else shared my work, I’d be pretty darn happy about it!

Do you have any social media? Twitter, Facebook?

Since it’s 2016, I do, in fact, have social media. Follow the blog on both Facebook and Twitter. Both platforms are pretty dead at the moment since I’ve just launched but I would strongly encourage everyone to be part of the solution to that particular problem.

How else can I support the blog?

My goal for 2016 is for the blog to become self-sufficient. I hate ads. I don’t want to put ads up on the site. Yet, they seem to be the easiest way of earning money without requiring your users to have to actively pay for stuff. I’m exploring the option of a Patreon page but any contribution there would be solely for the purpose of supporting the site, instead of getting a reward, which sort of goes against the Patreon model. I’m still figuring some of this stuff out but I should have a decent model by the end of February.

Even if you don’t want to support the blog financially, you can just help out emotionally, by sharing articles you like with other people. Word of mouth referrals are still the strongest referrals and in the internet age, that means posting stuff to places like Tumblr, Reddit and 4chan. There is no compulsion to do so though; if you don’t think the content is worth the flames you could potentially receive for posting it, please don’t. I’ll love you all the same.